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Publications And New Writing

Next writing project scheduled for 2023

Echoes from the Old Hill, 2022

Frogmore Press, paperbound, 70 pages


This anthology of Lewes-based poets features Martin's poem Here Is The Chocolate Milk. Edited by Jeremy Page. 


Dopple Press 2018, paperbound, 64 pages. Limited to 125 copies.

53 poems, printed on Risograph and illustrated with images adapted from Martin's paintings. 

Excuseer Me Dat Ik Jullie Even Stoor (Sorry To Interrupt Your Peace), 2018

A limited number available from Studio 1.1 in London

- now SOLD OUT. 

Watermarks: Writing by lido lovers and wild swimmers, 2017

Frogmore Press, paperbound, 132 pages


This collection of poetry, stories and non-fiction closes with Martin's 2017 poem Pool Closed Today. Edited by Tanya Shadrick and Rachel Playforth. 


I Forgot To Tell You I Really Enjoyed That Sandwich, 2015

Spiralbound / Susakpress, paperbound, 134 pages


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